Coverage of Security Services

Katz Security will partner and work with our customers to ensure that they and their assets are properly protected. We will diligently serve our customers with our genuinely caring, reliable and prompt service to prevent, detect and deter security threats in our managed sites.

Katz Security is capable of handling a wide range of security and safety responsibilities that meet individual customer’s specific requirements, needs and budget. As your partner, we take pride in offering trustworthy, efficient and effective security services for the following types of organizations and business establishments:

  • Office, Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Retail Stores, Shopping Malls and Country Clubs
  • Government Establishments, Buildings and Facilities
  • Condominiums, Apartment Buildings and Dormitories
  • Factories, Warehouses and Construction Worksites
  • Ships, Vessels and Barges
  • Exhibitions, Conventions, Concerts and Carnivals
  • Short-term contract and ad-hoc Guard services

Value Added Services

Security Audits and Consultancy Services

We conduct value added security audits for our valued clients to assess their overall security standards as well as consultancy services to propose security improvements or enhancements.

Remote Monitoring Services

We would also be able to provide site monitoring services for our clients. The remote monitoring allows site deployment areas, sensitive areas and access control points to be monitored back in our Command Centre on top of the basic surveillance on site.

Regular Meetings with Management

We carry out regular meetings with clients to ensure that any complaints or issues can be rectified promptly.

In-house Training and Briefings

We send our officers for external courses both on customer service and security management. This helps them to tackle disputes and disagreements in a tactful manner. Re-training is also part of our training package for officers. We will be at site regularly to train our officers and also conduct intrusion test on our officers to ensure that they are aware of their duties and responsibilities.