Security Officer

Our experienced WSQ trained security officers will have no problem starting work at your sites on the first day because our operations management team will have already briefed them in all aspects of their duties, roles and responsibilities pertaining to your sites.

We will provide only properly trained and certified security officers. As our most valued assets, our security officers will be well trained, properly certified and motivated to serve your site well. They can perform the following roles:

  • To perform access control and screen guests and visitors
  • To monitor clients/owners premises using surveillance equipment
  • To protect clients/owners assets, visitors and guests
  • To deter, detect and report crime or suspicious persons or activities
  • To organize response in the case of fire, evacuation or other emergencies
  • To eject unwanted persons or trespassers
  • Regulating traffic under the Road Traffic Act
  • To liaison with police and other relevant government agencies for all security related issues, incidents or emergencies

The Security Officers that Katz Security assigned are of the following qualifications/ specifications:

  • Officers are between the ages of 21 to 65 years
  • Minimum Sec ‘2’ School Education
  • Basic Security Course or Enhance Basic Security Course (WSQ) certification for ALL Officers
  • Good Interpersonal/communications skills
  • Physically, mentally and medically fit
  • Independent worker and well versed in Security Procedures

To further make sure that we go into a site fully ready, we will send key personnel/officers to your site before commencement to familiarize themselves with the sites and the operations. This will be done at our cost.

We are always striving to perfect our operations, and to continually set higher security standards for the industry. Our Operations team will visit the site every week to check on the officers. They will also liaise closely with you to suggest and improve the daily security operations.

Katz Security will continue to invest in security equipment and technology for the security officers to perform well and benefit the service buyers with job productivity and savings.

24-Hour Operations Command Centre

Our operations command center located at our office premise at 16 Arumugam Road, #04-02A, LTC Building D, covers all aspects of security command, control and communications such as the bio-metric clocking devices for manpower tracking, CCTV monitoring and recording, alarm monitoring, surveillance and access control of the properties of our customers. It will also perform command control and a coordinating role for any incidents or events on the ground.